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What are the benefits of having sex?

One of the main human instincts is sexual desire. Everyone has heard that sex has health benefits and pleasure. Interest in it is present not only among ordinary inhabitants, but also excites the minds of scientists. What happens to a person during sex? How are they useful?

What are the benefits of having sex?

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Scientists studying the effect of sex on the human body, its physical and moral health, managed to establish the following scientific facts:

  • Orgasm improves health.

British scientists have stated that through regular sex, people become healthier and stronger. "A daily orgasm is the key to forgetting about visits to the doctor for a long time," scientists say.

  • Regular sex stimulates the brain.

Scientists have proved that high-quality regular sex life has a positive effect on brain activity. Based on the results of MRI, it was concluded that in a person receiving an orgasm, both brain hemispheres are simultaneously stimulated. Orgasm enhances blood supply to all parts of the brain. Having sex for brain activity is even better than solving puzzles and solving logic puzzles!

Regular sex stimulates the brain.

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  • Orgasm is addictive.

Neuroscientist David Linden conducted a study in which he found that having sex can cause something like nicotine or drug addiction. When experiencing an orgasm, the human body produces a hormone of pleasure called dopamine. The pleasure experienced by a person during intercourse is so strong that he wants to experience it again and again.

  • Orgasm enhances the feeling of love.

The same neurobiologist claims that due to the orgasm experienced during sex, an increase in the feeling of love occurs. Reaching the highest peak of pleasure, the body produces the hormone oxytocin. Under the influence of this hormone, a person becomes more affectionate, gentle, trusting. The feeling of love intensifies.

  • Having sex is an effective remedy for depression.

Lovemaking has a calming effect on the nervous system, helps to cope with a stressful state, and overcome depression. This effect from having sex is achieved through the production of endorphins by the body.

Having sex is an effective remedy for depression.

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  • Orgasm is an effective remedy for insomnia.

Scientists have found that orgasm has the ability to have a relaxing and sedative effect on the body, which is very important for people suffering from insomnia.

Orgasm is an effective remedy for insomnia.

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  • Orgasm helps strengthen immunity.

During sex, there is an increase in the level of immunoglobulin, which is responsible for the protective function of the body.

  • Sex — salvation from migraines.

Scientists have proven that higher sexual pleasure helps relieve headaches.

  • Having sex helps speed up calorie burning.

Want to lose weight? Have sex more often! A half-hour session of love contributes to the burning of 85 kilocalories.

  • Orgasm promotes conception.

British doctors advise women who dream of replenishment in the family, to take care of improving the quality of intimate life. It is necessary that sexual intercourse give the woman the highest pleasure. Thanks to contractions of the uterus that occur during orgasm, ideal conditions are created in order to conceive a child.

Orgasm promotes conception.

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  • Regular sex life is the key to skin beauty.

Studies conducted by British dermatologist Mervyn Patterson showed that women who constantly have an orgasm while having sex have much better skin condition than those without regular sex life. Thanks to orgasm, there is an improvement in the blood supply to the skin. Moreover, the body produces the so-called hormone of youth, called dehydroepiandrosterone.

  • Sex - heart attack prevention.

Israeli scientists have shown that through regular lovemaking there is a decrease in the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease. Sex is a great cardio workout.

Sex - heart attack prevention.

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Love and be loved! Have sex with pleasure and good health! Just do not forget about the sense of proportion and the need for contraception.


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