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Selling love: why do they want to legalize it?

Readers of the article should understand that this text only reflects the essence of what is happening in Kiev through the eyes of the author. Therefore, do not judge strictly. After all, everyone has the right to speak, especially when the conversation is on a burning topic.

Obscene is the norm

For the last 5 years terrible events have been happening in our Kiev. But even along with political changes, people hold rallies and marches associated with the legalization of prostitution. Support for brothels and lounges (for example, is gaining widespread character. Whether we are against it or for this phenomenon is a secondary issue in its essence. Other points are more important. What is the reason for the phenomenon we are considering? Why not just individuals, but hundreds and even thousands of people demand the legalization of this phenomenon?

Assumptions with a grain of rationalism

1. Lack of ideals and fatigue . For many, this is a controversial issue. But what about people when someone appreciates Gogol and Taras Shevchenko, and others for Bandera? The country is split, the capital is full of disputes and discontent. As a result of such a "suspended" state, people (both the first and the second "camps") are trying to find an outlet. After all, escalating the situation (we do not say who is right and who is not) always leads to the syndrome of chronic fatigue and depression.

2. Desire for thrills . Young people are attracted by this phenomenon because they can part with their innocence in the hands of experienced priestesses. And experienced men want the embodiment of their deepest desires. That is why intimate services in Kiev are in great demand. For people whose orientation is turned in the other direction, different from the generally accepted, entertainment is also prepared. It turns out that any person can satisfy the desires and fantasies of a wide variety of directions. The question of morality for them disappears.

3. Availability . Of course, you will have to spend money. But many men find it easier to rent a girl than to spend time and even more money on her location. It sounds rude, but this fact has a right to exist. Of course, not all representatives of the strong half of humanity have such thoughts and approach.

4. Be yourself . It is noteworthy, but it is with prostitutes that many men are open and honest. They understand each other, so the doctor makes no sense. And this meeting may be the last, after people will not see each other. Therefore, psychologically for men, the moment is comfortable, and where there is comfort, there will always be someone.

5. Striving to learn new facets . Agree, not every woman will agree to be tied or to please a man with her beautiful lips. There are no restrictions with prostitutes. This is what attracts. Prostitutes in Kiev can afford a lot for a certain fee, so the aspiration factor is fully operational.

In light of recent events

So, on March 3, 2017, a mass action was held in Kiev, which was a march. The bottom line: to legalize prostitution. It is noteworthy that even the former head of the police, Alexander Tereshchuk, supported the aspirations of the people who marched. And many deputies of the Verkhovna Rada support this proposal. But are the interests of the people and officials similar?

Main criterion of support

For deputies and leaders of the country, it is important to get a good income from taxes. Imagine how many brothels will come out of hiding. This will result in tax collection. The authorities understand that this method is beneficial in any situation.


Most likely, the legalization of prostitution in Kiev will soon become a reality. There will be opponents of this phenomenon, but they are unlikely to be able to decide something, because their number will become small in comparison with hunters for female bodies. We just tried to analyze the situation, as well as give answers to questions. How much it turned out is up to you, dear readers.


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