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People's Internet portal with prostitutes.

Today there are a lot of Internet resources with girls for leisure, there are both independent and sites that belong to the so-called Brothels.

If the situation with the former is clear, girls can post their profiles freely or for an additional fee. But with others, everything is much sadder, as a rule, such resources do not allow girls to add profiles on their own, which completely excludes the possibility of getting on the so-called real individuals.

What should be done prostitutes in Kiev who want to individually receive at home or visit clients?

In fact, it all depends on the city where the girl lives, in large cities there are no special problems. There are large independent resources on which girls can post their profiles (as a rule, it is exclusively for a fee). But with small cities, things are much worse, we can say that there are no worthy sites. If there is something with certain errors and without any guarantees of confidentiality with the impossibility of passing the photo verification. Of course, girls lose most of their potential customers, since according to the statistics of the questionnaire with verified photos they collect 2-3 times more views. And every view is a potential call and a customer.

Let's talk about users now.

Many men do not receive enough attention from the opposite sex, which in turn reduces performance and makes them more irritable. And any disorder negatively affects the body, it can even be the cause of the development of cancer. In search of leisure, men visit the corresponding sites, take, for example, the sites of Kiev. There are practically no large independent sites, and those that do require a fee for posting profiles.

Our goal is to create a popular site with reviews and ratings of intimate services for girls, the best functionality among any analogues in Ukraine. Which will constantly improve to become the best in the world.

Should not take a fee for posting profiles by girls, but on the contrary, donate bonus funds to the account. Simplify photo verification and provide a guarantee of anonymity (verification photos, logs and IP addresses are not stored on the site). That will completely exclude the possibility of taking over these third parties.

Passwords of site users have the best encryption which reduces the likelihood of account hacking to almost zero.

Men, now you have the opportunity to maintain your personal account and leave feedback and ratings for girls.
Many men use the sex services of various prostitutes quite often, each of which gives unique sensations and impressions.
But not everyone has the opportunity to save memories (anonymously by itself), but now you can save memories for all your visits to girls!
The rest of the users will be able to choose the one based on your estimates.
In the future, we are planning various raffles and prizes among the most active users!

In general, the site should be something more than just a catalog of photos, so that people would spend their time in pleasure:

  • Followed brand new prostitutes.
  • Read reviews and prostitutes ratings.
  • Corresponded with each other in the chat and forum.
  • Read interesting blog articles.
  • Girls kept their notebook.
  • We found the necessary information in the reference book.
  • We checked clients' phones in order not to go to a suspicious client.
  • These same phones were brought in with various marks so that the rest of the girls could punch them, etc. ...

SEKSDOSKA should become an analogue of ROZETKA, only in the field of intimate dating, leisure and escort services.

Basic principles:

  • Public.
  • Free.
  • Anonymous.
  • Better functionality.
  • No ads.
  • Convenient design.

We do not strive for a beautiful picture and paid accommodation as competitors, but we strive to become better in everything else.
Sex board - a portal of intimate leisure for the people!


25 jun 2021 Hi! little suggestion, if I may. I'm foreign guy, so it would be nice if there was a box "I understand English/speak English" or something like that... Otherwise site is easy to use, search is awesome
25 jun 2021 Oh. Happy midsummerday to all =)
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