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Love? No! Only sex!

Judging by the numerous responses to the previous article about the lack of sex in life, this topic is topical. Women ask: where to get a sexual partner at all?

Love? No! Only sex!

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Those who are already indignant at such a statement of the question and consider that it is necessary to speak and write exclusively about love - please do not read further. Everyone wants to meet mutual and all-consuming love, live together with a loved one long and happily, and die on the same day. But life sometimes sets up the steps and does not give us what we passionately dream about. But the laws of physiology have not been canceled! He is drawn to sex, and that’s it (who doesn’t pull, please do not read further - do not waste precious time!).

So: where to find a lover? At work? God forbid! Nobody has ever brought an official romance to good (I do not argue: there are rare exceptions!). If you like dancing, go to a nightclub. There is a great place in the skyscraper on Barrikadnaya, in which the couples form easily and naturally. By morning, very unlikely citizens remain unclaimed. You can go to a special dating party, but mostly young people come there, and if it is stated that those over 30 are invited, then the men are all retired there.

You can still get acquainted in bars, restaurants and cafes, but this is only for extremely bright and courageous girls. In addition, the man most likely will prove to be non-initiative. He is not configured to meet you! Maybe married, or maybe problems above the roof.

The easiest and most effective way is to advertise on a dating site. Why? Yes, because people here are set up for acquaintance, readily make contact and are quite frank in feelings and thoughts (there are liars, but we are not talking about them now). And the events here are developing much faster than in real life: you can immediately find out what the partner you like wants, whether he is married or not. In addition, you can get acquainted here at least thirty-three times a day. In reality, people of mature years do not succeed.

To begin with, admit to yourself that you are already completely free from prejudice, that your delicate mental organization does not count now, that instincts have come to the fore, and now you really need a man! Of course, there are women for whom the main erogenous zone is the brain, but for those there comes the hour “X”, when loneliness blows the roof.

Allow yourself to be a "bad girl." So say: “So what if I embark on a spree?” Someday this can be allowed! The Indian age is short, I’ll take everything from life. ” And this is a psychologically correct decision. It’s worse when you want unbridled sex in your soul, and your consciousness is indignant: “God! I graduated from the conservatory, university, my parents have been living soul-deep for 50 years, I have children ... No, you need to look for a man only for a serious relationship. ” I repeat: this article is written for those women who have already realized that they just need sex.

There are sites tailored exclusively for the selection of a sexual partner, there are - and they are more popular - dating, suggesting a rapid development of events. So: away the hypocrisy! There are thousands of women and men on the site, nobody personally cares about you. It is worth recognizing from the very beginning. Therefore, do not send messages: I'm not like that! This amuses men terribly, because almost every "not so"! Before drawing up the questionnaire, read the profiles of other women (and men should read the profiles of men). Much becomes clear. Women sin by reporting their exclusivity. And the beauties are all polls, and clever, and "they are not looking for anyone here." Normal men will not be interested in such “queen”. It’s better (possibly) to honestly write: an ordinary woman wants to get acquainted with ...

So: you are posting an ad on the site. It’s not worth writing about the presence of children (in this context, they are irrelevant), openly write: “I want a burdensome, long-term (or short-lived - determine my desires) relationship with a decent, clean in all senses man of such and such a year, who has a place for meetings. Please do not disturb pensioners and adolescents! ”

Be prepared for the fact that at first you will be struck by a flurry of letters from complete morons. This is not scary, treat what is happening with humor. You just have to wait a bit until your profile goes down and becomes almost invisible. It's time to start your search! Set search parameters and look for a handsome man, read carefully profiles. I would advise immediately to weed out the daffodils, which put forward incredible demands to the woman like “not older than 28 strictly! Not complete, without children, without problems ”and those who like to rewrite classics (a man is clearly not up to himself if Shakespeare’s sonnets, anecdotes, or Socrates’s quotes are included in the questionnaire).

According to a survey of 50 men from 34 to 55 years old, I found out that they all sympathize with honest, uncomplexed women, with a black and white.

“I didn’t even think that Elena was corrupted and licentious, although it was written on her page: I’m not looking for a serious relationship now. I just want to enjoy life. ” We corresponded, then talked on the phone, and once again I was convinced that she was a decent woman, just at this point in time she needed a man for meetings. Our goals coincided, I experienced a painful divorce and the demands of the ladies from the site of a serious relationship scared me. And Lena honestly wrote that she wanted to actually . Fortunately, we coincided in bed so much that I immediately deleted my profile and told Lena that I wanted to become her regular boyfriend. Six months later, we broke up, no matter for what reason, but all this time the sex between us was at its best, "says 39-year-old Yuri.

In general, it’s easy to find a partner. The main thing is not to make exorbitant requirements, such as meetings in expensive hotels, dinners in restaurants, gifts (this resembles prostitution, and the competition here is high, there are a lot of such requirements), and do not fall in love. After all, for now you only need sex. Sometimes it’s good for women to behave as cynically as men do.

P. S. By the way, it is with such women that the most demanding men most often fall in love ...


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