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Life of priestesses of love after "retirement"

The issue of prostitution has long worried many generations of people. On this topic, there are discussions and even scientific disputes both among the people and among pundits. But basically all scientific research and verbal battles concern the issue of the emergence of this phenomenon. There are also disputes over the legalization of prostitution. But almost all of these moments bypass the most important topic: when intimate services are over for the priestesses of love for one reason or another, then they have the most terrible period of life. In this article, we will consider all the horrors of the time allotted to these women after they leave. For particularly sensitive readers, please stop reading to avoid upset and worry.

Begins with physical ailments

As a rule, prostitutes leave not because of old age, as they say, but because of illness. It is difficult to describe intimate details and venereal diseases. Let's try to convey the whole essence with maximum tactics. Firstly, due to frequent sex with different partners, the vagina and uterus lose their elasticity and firmness. Roughly speaking, wear occurs. Imagine: even the hoses on cars go bad. And what about delicate matter? In addition, the presence of specific microflora causes a wide variety of diseases that develop into the hands and even cancer. Secondly, anal sex causes the rectum to become too sensitive through constant friction. All this leads to frequent urge to use the toilet. And the process of defecation becomes difficult for prostitutes. And what about the fact that hemorrhoids appear! As the saying goes, what is developed cannot hold anything. Healthy sex with a regular partner is out of the question. We will not list other diseases, otherwise the readers will become really disgusted. But besides these terrible consequences of the former priestesses of love, another direction of blows awaits.

Permanent depression and suicidal thoughts

Let's list all the blows that hit the emotional and mental state of women of easy virtue.

1. Lack of demand. Even in this industry, but women are used to constant attention. Now nobody needs them. This is seriously disturbing the psyche. Imagine: no one even looks at them. And if they show attention, then in the form of ridicule or regret. All this cannot leave the psyche in a normal state.

2. It's all over. The realization that blooming youth and health have left, leads to the fact that women begin to experience severe depression. Many commit suicide, while others drink too much. But if ordinary ladies still have gaps and hopes, then the former prostitutes have left everything behind.

3. Lack of goals. When there is no health, nothing pleases. And the absence of goals and aspirations intensifies the depressive state. Kiev prostitutes are slowly leaving, melting like candle wax. This is scary. This awaits all priestesses of love, regardless of their place of residence.

4. Awareness of loneliness. Okay, if someone supports, but most women in prostitution are left behind by everyone. Statistics note that even those representatives of the oldest profession who helped their children or parents financially are mostly left alone.


As a result, all that has been said is suicide. But often women suffer for the rest of their lives. They served their business, and then became an unnecessary thing. It is difficult even for enemies to wish such a life. Many cannot imagine all that has been described, because (thank God!) Such a situation did not happen to them. But you need to be able to empathize. And all the new girls go to ruin their lives. Beauties are often found here and other sites have similar offers. But what will happen to young girls who could give birth to children? Shame. Emptiness. Loneliness.


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