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How to make sex perfect?

Psychologists-sexologists give the answer

Dreaming of perfect sex? Do you think that for this you should thoroughly study all positions from the Kamasutra? Or have the appearance of actors from adult films? Or master your body perfectly? Sexologists say the secret to perfect sex lies elsewhere.

How to make sex perfect?

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And this is what penetrates our subconscious mind from childhood. The foundation for ideal sex is laid long before partners are alone in an intimate setting.

If a girl, playing with dolls, hears her mother complaining to her friend about the male goats, this is stored in her memory.

Or a child accidentally sees a bed scene on TV, and the parents do not know how to react to what is happening and what to say to their child. Everything related to sex is carefully hidden from children. Or explained as indecent, and even worse, bad!

How to make sex perfect?

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When raising children, parents try to teach them politeness, the rules of decency. Rarely does it occur to a mother to care for her daughter to grow up feminine and sexy. On the contrary, many parents like to criticize their children, driving them into complexes. They say that the nose is not the same, and the figure.

As a result, the child grows up notorious, ashamed of his body, ashamed of everything related to sex. This cannot but affect the quality of his intimate life!

What does it take to make sex perfect? Psychologists-sexologists reveal several secrets:

1. Learn to fully accept your body. You can have a beautiful figure and model appearance, but at the same time be ashamed of yourself. The inability of a woman to accept her body as nature created it negatively affects her intimate life. She behaves squeezed and constrained, afraid to appear naked in front of her beloved man, complexes simply prevent her from enjoying his caresses.

Perfect sex requires full acceptance of yourself. Take pride in your body, love it, behave like a queen. Forget the beauty standards imposed on us by popular culture. Every man has different ideas about how a beautiful woman should look. He wants to see the queen next to him, and not a creature cornered by his own fears and complexes. Believe that you are the most beautiful for him. Make him proud that he made the right choice!

How to make sex perfect?

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If a woman herself points out to a man what she considers her shortcomings, does not know how to rejoice in his compliments, trying to refute them - in the end, he will agree with her and believe that she is ugly.

2. Learn to be open to new things in sex. An intelligent woman is inherent in curiosity, she wants to develop, learn new things. Since sex is an integral part of her life, she studies the relevant literature with interest.

It would not occur to her to disdainfully turn away from adult films. On the contrary, she will watch them with a cognitive purpose, in order to learn something interesting, new for herself that can be tried in practice in order to diversify and make her sex life more intense.

Perfect sex is impossible where there is bigotry! Learn to talk with your loved one on intimate topics, share with him your erotic fantasies and desires. Offer to try something new. Ask about his desires. All this will only contribute to the growth of trust and spiritual closeness between you, as well as to ensure that the quality of intimate life is constantly improving.

How to make sex perfect?

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3. Learn to be tactful and delicate towards your partner. Nothing is easier than hurting the person you share the bed with. A skeptical glance or an indelicate remark is enough to make him feel humiliated and insulted. In sex, we do not only expose the body, but also the soul. This leaves us vulnerable and completely unprotected to those we trust.

A man can be hurt and driven into complexes by a partner's remark about the size of his dignity or that he is not hardy enough in a love game. Such indelicate and tactless words can permanently discourage your chosen one from having sex with you. These words will be memorized and will remind you of yourself during intercourse, reducing the pleasure you get from having sex.

In addition, such statements from a partner can spur a man to seek love on the side in order to prove to himself that he is a good lover. The same applies to women. They are also very sensitive to criticism from a partner. And this does not reflect in the best way on the quality of intimate life and the strength of the relationship in a couple.

Try to be as delicate and tactful as possible with each other. This will help establish harmony and achieve full understanding.

How to make sex perfect?

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4. Do not have sex in a bad mood! The ability to enjoy life, to see the positive is necessary not only in everyday life. For ideal sex, partners need to be in a good mood, so that they treat this pleasant activity as a celebration of body and soul, and not as a routine or "obligation".

A sense of humor will also be useful! When an awkward situation arises, it may be appropriate to defuse the situation with a harmless joke. If people can laugh and have fun together, they will not be bored together in bed.

5. Do not give up playfulness and flirting. This, according to psychologists-sexologists, adds piquancy to the love game. Flirting helps fuel passion. Men like women who are playful and relaxed because this behavior tells them about the sympathy and romantic feelings that a partner has. Only a woman who is confident in her sexuality and irresistibility can behave in this way.

6. For sex to be perfect, you must love to have it. As with any other activity, be it a hobby or work, sex is good when it is loved! A favorite business is always better argued than an occupation to which the soul does not lie.

How to make sex perfect?

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If you have sex without loving it in your heart, what kind of pleasure can we talk about? If a woman genuinely enjoys the caresses of her beloved man, he feels elated and wants to give her even more pleasure. The woman feels grateful to him for the happiness presented to her. And the man also feels happy! This is perfect sex.

Having listened to the opinion of psychologists-sexologists, you can discover a whole world of pleasures that lovemaking gives people. To make your intimate life varied and enjoyable, you should discard all complexes and truly indulge in passion.


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