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How to bring a girl to orgasm?

Okay, let's go little by little. So, to achieve a female orgasm it is necessary (who could raise ?!) excitement. Moreover - before sexual intercourse. We don’t climb below the waist, we don’t grab hold of it. First.

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

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Initially, we assume that the girl is located for sex. It is especially recommended to deal with a cleanly washed girl - and kiss her more pleasantly, and she is calmer that she is clean. Many have this complex. If you have known each other for a long time, you can immediately go to her standing member, she will like it. You can tell her what you intend to do, in detail ... A hot whisper in your ear, kisses of his neck - and act as you describe.

I recommend holding back on the kisses of the neck and ears and changing the pose as quickly as possible to lying down - more like that. Just don’t get her right away if you doubt what she wants.

Be sure to kiss your neck, yoshi . You slightly suck your ears, you can squeeze them, but not much.

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

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You caress your tongue from inside, penetrate it with a tip, gently breathe into yoh, whisper words very well, lady’s name, then go to your lips again, pykas caress your neck, y’s, again your lips, you see that it’s already aroused , you start kissing your neck harder, you take your eyes for lipstick, you scratch her neck like that, you can just bite your ears with teeth, but okay, don’t forget about whispers and caresses with the tip of your tongue ... Sometimes the nape of the neck is sensitive, but I met only a couple of times ... Try it, maybe it will.

Gently stroke it with your fingers first, then harder. Even with your pressure, give it away - they are sensitive to pressure. Don’t grab it in your fingers - you will get excited in such a way that you yourself will ask or clearly show. It will be necessary to push your hips towards you - you will. But do not rush, get close - take it and yourself better, and nothing more.

Continue to kiss, in this state, do not remember about fooling anymore, switch completely to the neck (!) and yours, breathing is already stronger, hotter, but do not behave with the beast. It's too early. Now, when a lady starts to get stronger and stronger, you can put pikes both on the chest and on the butt ... Depending on what she is pushing harder on ...

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

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Here now ...

Grydy - be sure to find out if she likes such caresses. If not, don't even think about it. With nipples, be careful, do not squeeze strongly at first, only if you ask or you yourself see that it is pleasant to her. Iron the breast against the clockwise, fingers, do not grab the whole palm. You start from the edges with your fingers and, having made a half, go to the nipples - you stroke the nipple with your fingertips, then as if you are pulling the nipples inside your extended fingers and grabbing the nipples in motion.

So, yet - all this time is not forgotten about kisses of your ears, words. There is one more trifle - bring your foot closer to her, ask between her legs and give it to ... you know what, by pushing it, she will tell you herself. Hy and take a member yourself, according to the extent of its excitement stronger and stronger, you can imitate the movement, as in the act.

But back to the grydi. Now you can grab her hand, grabbing as if lower, thumb and index finger stroking the nipple (aykatno). Further affection is even stronger (I assume that she likes all this), you can hug and squeeze it tightly.

Kisses of the breasts. With your tongue you lick the nipple lower up, suck it, do not try to take the whole mouth in your mouth, just the nipple and the area that is enough. The back of the tongue is the movements of the nipple around the tongue, then the tip of the tongue teases the tip of the nipple, the lady sees it, and try to portray pleasure on the face.

Secondly, gently caress with a pyc; for a long time, do not hold on to one grydy, between the grydy is also very pleasant to them when kissing. Licking tongue movements, suction kisses - not much. Collarbones, shoulders - suction kisses, scratching with the teeth hidden in the lips, possibly not hidden if the lady has a slight pain. Just don't get involved.

If you are going to stroke your shoulders - the movements of medium strength, lightweight, on the contrary, will calm down.

How to bring a girl to orgasm?


Buttocks. In the middle of each are two sensible places, kissing them, tickling their tongue. With your hands, squeeze the buttocks with an average and stronger caress, fingers, palm, but not gribo - the traces remain and the lady is hurt. Do not be shy to ask why she moaned - it may well be that you are too cruel.

Internal surface hips - light caresses, fingers like they would run around the skin, caress the hairs (if they are, there is a light fluff, try to stroke it first), then with a palm of movement from the knee and higher, but do not rush to touch “it’s the most,” even if she asks for it. Kiss with strong movements, lick the tongue very strongly, then return to the US and kiss them, demonstrating the strongest sexual arousal, get a member as soon as you can, you breathe hot in your ears, hot, show your desire.

In principle, you can enter, the girl is probably ready ... But this is not the highest grade, unclean work.

Now it’s good to walk lightly on the chest again, to go down with stroking movements on the back to the ass, strongly (not gently, once again - all sexual desire will be repulsed!) to squeeze the buttocks, move a member even to the “destination” and ... nothing. The lady should sigh, hug you and show what she wants. And pust. Interrupted so far. Fingers again move to the inner surface of the thighs and at the end of their movement, touch the genital lips upward. You touch it where the vagina is, to use your finger inside.

How to bring a girl to orgasm?

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Your lips are again yours, the penis is pressed against it and, even without hiding, you are completely moving as in an act. With your finger you make a movement upward, to the clitoris, and, without stopping, down again, the remaining fingers move along her lips (“there”!). So a few times, then the middle finger on the clitoris, caress it. Movement krigovye, against the clock. Hy, in fact, it can be brought to orgasm without the help of a member ...

How to bring a girl to orgasm?


Going back down, stroking the clitoris with the base of your palm, penetrating the inside with your fingers (did you cut your nails? washed your hands?), stroked it shortly, then softer again, re-finger y of the entrance, shortened again, fingers up on the clitoris , stroked both down and deep inside, again in short ... Here after a minute or two of such actions, she can already end.

There is such a moment: you didn’t finish, right? It’s awkward for her, which is good to use to ask her to do what she previously did not want or could not. Tell her how nice it was to stroke her, and then ask what you want.


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