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Exotic type of tourism in Ukraine

Tourists can be found all over the world. Someone prefers to get acquainted with the sights, someone with local cuisines, someone travels. Testing their strength and endurance, and someone goes for intimate services. Yes, yes, it is for intimate services, which are received in a wide range on the territory of Ukraine. Yes, undoubtedly, not quite something to be proud of, but you cannot argue with the facts. And Ukraine today occupies a leading position among all other countries in the world in terms of the popularity of this type of tourism as sex tourism.

Exotic tourism in Ukraine

What is it and who needs it?

As you know, recently the government adopted a law on simplification of visa procedures provided for the process of entry into our country for foreigners. This and other reasons, such as a decline in the economic level of Ukraine, lower wages and higher prices, have led to the fact that today Ukraine is considered one of the most promising areas for the development of sex tourism. According to statistics, it is known that this year the number of foreigners who have used the services of Ukrainian prostitutes has increased by as much as 27% when compared to last year. And then the situation will not change for the better, every year this indicator will only grow, because the following factors contribute to this:

  • Cheap services. In order to understand the entire volume of cheapness of Ukrainian prostitutes, let us compare them with the prostitutes of England, who can receive up to 300 euros for 1 hour of "work". For such a sum in Ukraine, you can "remove" a prostitute and spend the whole night with her. And finding a girl for a fairly reasonable price can be done without much effort. The Internet is replete with private advertisements, for example, on the site you can pick up a girl by any parameters who will agree to intimate services and for less amount. So it turns out that tourists go to European countries to relax their souls, and to Ukraine - for intimate services.
  • The young age of prostitutes. In European countries, according to official data, the average age of prostitutes is 24-30 years. In Ukraine, the average age of a prostitute is 18-25 years, which, in fact, attracts men from all over the world. In addition, Ukrainian women are considered the most beautiful nation, so it turns out that our girls are ready to sell their beauty and youth to any first man they meet for a meager fee. Are there many men in the world who can refuse a beautiful young body, and having paid for this, by European standards, a rather modest amount?

Promising side of sex tourism in Ukraine

A fairly large percentage of Ukrainian legislators believe in all seriousness that sex tourism in our country has great prospects. Their opinion is that the legal business of tourism in the field of prostitution will reveal shadow financial flows, which, in turn, will help replenish the state treasury. In addition, according to some deputies, the legalization of such a business should provide for the provision of social protection for the prostitutes themselves and guarantees to clients that each prostitute will be healthy and undergo compulsory medical examinations. A survey of prostitutes themselves in Ukraine showed that they are not very eager to legalize their activities, since there is no desire to pay taxes, and, consequently, to receive less money "on hand". However, before making such responsible decisions, MPs must weigh the pros and cons and, of course, take into account the example of European countries that have long been living with legal prostitution.


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